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Need Justification

When my parents demanded me to answer some of their questions I busted out, when my brothers questioned me about my whereabouts at school and college, it pissed me off, when somebody told me after marriage I am answerable to my husband and parent-in-laws I was mad and made it very clear I am answerable to myself and nobody. Then comes this little creature that shares my blood, my genes, my features, my views, my personality too, who demands and questions each and every step of my life. But this time I did NOT get mad at her, nor got upset about it. I figured it out, that is THE ONLY WAY to handle this little creature who I gave birth to and for all the sacrifices I have made to just have her. I realize it is time to make those sacrifices worth it.

Wondering what am I talking about!! My kid doesn’t understand the language must, should, have without a reasoning behind it. If she is shouting at the tip of her tongue, I got to tell her why she shouldn’t scream, if she has to go to school, I got to tell why she has to, if she has to eat food, she wants to know why she has to eat food, if we are celebrating Indian festivals, she wants to know why we do that, why I go to work, what do I do at work, why does her daddy has to travel a lot, why did we not have a Christmas tree, why are we vegetarians, where do we get money. It took a while for me to understand why I should explain her everything. I underestimated her, simply you cannot understand this yet, this is too complicated for you honey. But she was and is always clear. I don’t understand mommy please explain me why. She is going to be six soon and I realize justifying my act is THE ONLY WAY to handle my kid in a smooth way. I have other ways to handle her too, shouting, bossing, forcing her to do whatever I want. But I know it is NOT going to work for long.

And, asking for justification seems a fair deal.  Why would I do something without being told why should I do! If the six year old is asking for the same privileges, I think she deserves it. It took couple years for me to respect her request.  Honey here you go, your first request taken care. I will always give the justification for everything I demand you to do. You have the right to ask a justification.


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